Snek, See No Evil Kollective, is one of my brands I codeveloped with Kristian S. My main role was Art Director and I made all the Art and Graphic Design for web, marketing materials and apparel. The brand also hosted events with live painting and music.

a selection of t-shirts

SNEK Caps T-shirt
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Love Not Hate T-shirt
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Sugarcane T-shirt
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KING of SNEK T-shirt
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Wild Style T-shirt
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Daniel Terry - Walkout T-shirt
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look book from AW 2013

The A/W13 collection we looked back at what inspired us and our generation as we grew up, late 70’s to the 90’s, mostly about music styles and subcultures that made a strong impression.

Much that we take for granted today were not equally available 20 years ago, while other things don’t get nearly as much exposure in the same way now as it did then...