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RS Logo för RS design
Heavy Hertz logo designad av Roger Sonnenfeld

Above are some of my cover art designs. Previously released and some up-coming projects

I'm a ghost member of Heavy Hertz, where I sometimes hang out in the studio, but mostly I create all art and designs for the brand. See logo to the left. I also do the same type of work for MLK - Mystic Letter K
I am also main graphic artist at Zero1 Music

and I do freelance work on top of this. Feel free to contact me about any enquiries 

Vapensköld designad av Roger Sonnenfeld

I do all types of design and illustration work. Throughout the years I have specialised in creating album covers and logotypes as well as various prints for garments such as T-shirts, jumpers and hoodies.

I usually work both with traditional media/pen and paper and digitally, and often mix those two for style and originality.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for any type of enquires!

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