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© Roger Sonnenfeld - 2022 - Artist, Barcelona - SPAIN & Stockholm, SWEDEN..

With a passion 4 questioning norms & the arbitrary, twisting & bending reality, distorting shapes & emphasizing emotions, I always seek new ways of visualizing my journey through the mysteries of life & death - 8 -

I Paint with Oils, Acrylics, Spray Paint, Inks etc & do All types Illustrative work, Traditional & Digital. I also make NFT's & produce Techno with my brother.

I grew up in Stockholm Sweden in the 80’s and 90’s & have been infused by Subcultures of those eras ever since...

The question constantly on my mind is why and how? I did not expect to find an answer anywhere close or any time soon, but I did. I found something inside myself and now I'm back to

The Answer is: NOTHING - and NOTHING  is the Same as EVERYTHING - 8 - I know this to be TRUE and I’ll spend the rest of my life as an Artist on Planet Earth, (Nr..?), to Prove it through my art…🖤

“Love Life & Life shall Love You back. Love & Life is All” 🖤


I do freelance graphic design work and paint commissions. For any inquiries, please send a message

Dead Elvis - Black